22+ Top DIY Plywood Bed Frame Designs Storage

DIY plywood bed frame can be made with very decorative and stylish design. Bedroom is important room in your home and it will become very private room for you. You can choose to make bed design that is suitable with your personality and your favorite design. Making lumberjack bed can be chosen if you like something like classic look at your bedroom. Wood material will play an important role because it is durable material that can last for long time and this material is often used to make beds and bed frame too.

It should be built under the master bed, and you can use your bed frame for some other uses such as for storage. It is popular to make storage space under the bed. Bed frame with storage can save more space and it is great solution for all of you who have small or limited space of bedroom.

You can use storage space for various functions too. It is simple to store your favorite books, clothes or other things that you need most in this storage. For all of you who have queen size bed, you can create queen storage size of bed frame too. It means you will have more space to store all things.

Finishing of plywood bed frame is also important because it will give a final look of bed in your bedroom. What you need to do is find other furniture that also fit with your bedding or bed frame. You can add cabinet. It is great to choose right cabinet so all things can blend in harmony. Tips for you when you choose wooden bed frame and you use wooden slat, please make sure that the wooden slats will not bow in the center of the bed frame. Painting your bed with your favorite colors will be good too. Now it is time for you to create your own Plywood Bed Frame Designs with Storage.

image source : pinterest.com

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