10+ Luxurious Interior Design That Marry Old and Contemporary

Are you looking for some contemporary living decor ideas? Well, you are on the right page. Below, we have several inspiring pictures of contemporary decor ideas for your living space. Before jumping to that part, we would love to share the key elements of the contemporary decor style itself.

How can a room be called contemporary after all? Simply find out in this article. A contemporary style makes a standout look both for the exterior and interior of your house. In case you want to show off the architectural genius of this style, you may focus on these few things.

The contemporary living space always keeps the flooring as simple as possible. Even though it commonly incorporates a wooden floor with rugs on top of it, you can always use tiles that represent your personality. As long as it features geometric shapes, you have features contemporary living decor ideas.

Other than that, this style incorporates various lighting sources. It strongly holds on to simplicity without sacrificing the effectiveness of the lighting system itself. Feel free to mix and match various materials such as opaque, stone, metal, and even clear glass, which will represent the mix of modern style and something warmer. Also, you can be experimental enough by adding a certain character from materials like pipes, exposed brick walls, and moldings.

Talking about the contemporary style, it features a specific color palette that will highlight the entire scene. Neutral colors are great to stick with. Other than that, you can also stay with shades of gray, black, and white to ground the room.

To add personality, you can bring expressive objects and artworks. Meanwhile, if you prefer to go with bold colors in almost the entire room, you may stick with simple yet light flooring, ceiling, and trims. For more contemporary living decor ideas, kindly check out the pictures below.

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