38+ Best Rv Bathroom Storage Ideas

Storage solutions in the bathroom are essentials. Since going untidy could be a little distracting and messy, we have some RV bathroom storage ideas along with the pictures for your inspiration. No matter what type of bathroom you go with, it is important to be creative for the storage. So, how can we organize items in the RV bathroom?
Shoe holders can be found anywhere. Almost all online stores sell this item. Using shoe holders as part of storage solutions in the bathroom is a good idea. You can store toiletries in it. Since the pockets are transparent, you don’t need to struggle to look for items you need. Besides, it provides many pockets, which allow you to store bottles, headbands, and so on. It is a low-cost investment for bathroom storage.

Talking about the RV bathroom storage ideas, we should include baskets on the list as well. Utilizing the space above the toilet allows you to store items conveniently. Besides, it doesn’t take the floor space. Hanging a few baskets on the wall turns out to be a creative storage idea to store towels. Also, you can store other items like hairbrushes, toilet paper, and so on.

Curtain rods also turn out to be a creative way to provide a storage solution in the bathroom. Installing another curtain rod in the shower allows you to hold containers and hang towels on it. Use curtain hooks to hang the containers and you already have a basket of toiletries in the shower.

If you incorporate cabinets in your RV bathroom, make sure you optimize the space for storage. Buying a shelf set allows you to arrange the items easily and neatly without wasting more space. Besides, this system is a low-cost storage improvement. For more RV bathroom storage ideas, check the pictures below.

image source : pinterest.com

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