37 Fabulous Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas

At some point, remodeling your laundry room helps to make the work done faster. These farmhouse laundry room decor ideas are going to inspire you in so many ways. If the kitchen is where the home’s heart it, your laundry room might be the kidney. Even though it doesn’t sound sexy at all, it holds an important role in the house.

You need to make sure that your laundry room makes a supportive environment. Since you will do a lot of folding activities in this room, styling it would help you get through the laundry day happily! Cabinets are one of those things that help you in the laundry room. To make the room feels less boring and brighter, feel free to alternate the cabinetry types.

Mix and match exposed and closed cabinetries give a light yet airy vibe in the room. This would even be a great idea for smaller laundry rooms. Alternating cabinetry types make the room feels open and interesting. When it comes to farmhouse laundry room decor ideas, the layout plays an important role too.

Besides considering the accessories and decorative stuff, make sure the layout supports your movement. Putting a sink between the dryer and washer will create a unique layout. In case the overhead cabinets create a shadow, feel free to add extra task lighting. Drying racks, at some point, can turn into an interesting decorative element.

When you are living with a small laundry room, you need to use all space in the room as optimized as possible. Hanging the drying racks will save you from using the floor space. It makes things out of the way yet decorating your laundry room. We have plenty of creative pictures below. Check out these farmhouse laundry room decor ideas for a more interesting laundry room in your house.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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