18+ Living Room Ideas For Men

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Living room ideas for men are highly highlighted by a masculine vibe. However, a masculine vibe doesn’t always mean cold or too sterile. We can design and decorate a masculine living room with a sense of warmth, diverse styles, and elegance.

Thus, we want you to check out the pictures below. Other than that, we will share more about living room ideas for bachelors by staying away from the mere stereotypes.

If you have the possibility, bringing in the outdoors inside the living room will be a great idea. Inviting the outdoor scenery to the living room will help to avoid a sense of monotony or blandness. The city lights outside add colorful flairs that might be missing from a manly space. As long as possible, bringing in nature to the living room will eliminate the distant look.

Generally, living room ideas for men with a masculine vibe has a lot of differences with the feminine appeal. Those two vibes are generally divided by shape and color selections. A manly space can be built by incorporating mainly straight lines and simple shapes. Meanwhile, a feminine vibe is commonly filled with wavy and curvy patterns.

However, it doesn’t mean that a masculine room must stick to rectangles and squares all over the place. Playing with shape and size would create a balanced look. Other than that, you can pick heavier objects to fill the living room. For example, a heavy wooden desk and a metal coffee table would create a masculine aura.

Well, if you have a smaller living room, you may opt for feminine overtones to avoid a cluttered look in the room. However, you can make a difference by incorporating lighting that breaks the ambiance. Visual symmetry and plenty of natural light would reduce visual fragmentation in the room. For more living room ideas for men, check out these pictures.

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