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Renovating a basement to transform it into a useful and functional space is always a great idea. Leaving a basement in its unfinished state will only prevent adding a cozy living space into the complex of the house interior. There are cheap and affordable stuff that can be very useful in transforming a basement into a nice looking and functional one. Believe it or not interior decoration can even deliver a kind of self-healing effect.

Flooring is one thing to pay attention first when decorating an unfinished basement. This is the start of anything else to follow with the main purpose of making the space cozy and comfortable to do anything. Surely there are various options of flooring to choose from. Some might be more affordable than the others. Thus it is important to pay close attention to the available renovating budget for the basement project before purchasing anything.

Amidst the options of flooring for a basement is concrete flooring. It is definitely a common choice that people are preferred for either a basement or a garage. It is relatively easy and quick to get done and it is a durable flooring option. Some people may think that concrete flooring is only available in its original concrete finish. That is totally wrong since concrete flooring can be colored and stained for a better appeal.

Just make sure to clean and prepare the surface of concrete flooring before applying any paint on it. Trisodium phosphate should do the cleaning at its best. It should be sealed as well by using a stone cap before applying primary concrete surface later on. Soon the coloring can be started using color to my liking. It can be finished in a unique pattern like marble as well for the better overall decor of the basement.

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