80+ Remarkable French Country Living Room Design Ideas

French country living room design ideas will always steal the heart of many homeowners. This interior style is still popular since the first time the style was introduced centuries ago. It features rich elements from rustic style and comfy space.

When it comes to bringing in the style in your house, choosing the color would be important. In this article, we will show you the color palettes of the French country style. Exploring color palettes will allow you to get the best color that suits your entire house theme.

Red, white, and blue would be the first color palette we will introduce to you. The colors are commonly found on French or American flags. More than anything, using the subtle shades of this color palette will evoke the classic sense in your living room.

Feel free to explore the shades of red, white, and blue. Milky whites, gray stone, and ivories are whites you can explore while the reds could start from raspberry, pomegranate, to tomato. The shades of aqua to midnight blue would make a perfect French country look in your living room.

French country living room design ideas can also feature the sea color palette. This color palette consists of greens and blues. Pairing greens and blues along with some yellowish wood tones would make a warm vibe inside the cool color combination. Pairing these colors with cement flooring, terracotta tiles, and brick floors would create a warm scene in your house.

Meanwhile, if you want to go cool all the way, pair the color palette with antique white tones in the room. Ivory accents could infuse some vintage vibe while lace and linen may give a luxury feel. We have a lot of pictures you can take a look at to find out more about French country living room design ideas.

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