8 Stylish Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Your Airstream

At some point, living in a campervan or trailer or RV is a super wild idea. Also, you may get bored with the interior so we have some airstream d├ęcor ideas you can take a look at. It is important to make a super comfortable spot in a small place like an RV. Below we have pictures of bathroom decor ideas that may inspire your airstream design. Before jumping to the pictures, we want to share a few things with you.

If you have been in your campervan or RV for too long, you may get stuck in it. Changing the lighting will add some style to the interior part. Lighting also brightens up a room which also changes the mood in a certain space. If you are not sure how to work with the electricity, feel free to call an electrician instead.

Pillows and textiles are not just used for decorating a house. You can bring extra coziness in your vintage RV by bringing in some pillows. Make sure you choose the right pattern for the textile after all.

When it comes to airstream decor ideas, applying wallpaper or other patterned wall wrappers will be a good idea. Feel free to play with colors and patterns because experimenting is what we are doing. Also, it could be a perfect spot to stay for a night reading, strategic photo spot, and so on.

No matter where you live, you will need plenty of storage in it. It also applies to those who live in a campervan. Make sure you have adequate storage and you better be sneaky about it. Storage can be a perfect thing to decorate a room. When it comes to an RV, you can cover the storage with patterned sheer curtains. This thing can also be applied to cover your sleeping area after all. Check out the pictures below for more airstream decor ideas.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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