8+ Best Makeover of A 1930’s Fixer-Upper

The Fixer Upper is such a huge TV show for those who love to update the look of their houses. In this article, we will show you several Fixer Upper makeover ideas that will win your heart over. Meanwhile, if you love farmhouse-chic decor style, the pictures below will show you some interesting ideas about it.

Natural accents are the core of the farmhouse-chic style. The good news is that you can pair natural accents with modern materials like aluminum, metals, glasses, and so on. Other than that, gray color palettes make the room feels airy and light. Want to go timeless? Use subway tiles for kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls. Some other elements to highlight this decor style is indoor plants, stone countertops, wood beams, and dried herbs in a pot.

Besides, you need to let plenty of natural light in, as much as possible. Fixer Upper makeover ideas always put a spotlight on natural light especially if you remodel your kitchen. It gives a more spacious impression in the room. Besides, your kitchen (or other rooms) will feel airier. When the sun goes down, utilize some lighting fixtures. Feel free to mix and match ambiance lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Meanwhile, if you want to go retro, you need to splash some colors in your kitchen. This décor style has a distinctive appliance look which you may need to hunt in flea markets. Also, it has a visual pattern that looks simple yet authentic.

Going colorful for the cabinetries would be the spirit you want to bring in the kitchen. Meanwhile, if you want to go all white for the cabinetries, feel free to splash some colors on the wall, furniture, and the floor. Incorporating wooden shelves with open shelving concept would make the kitchen more natural. For more Fixer Upper makeover ideas, check out the pictures below.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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