47+ Comfortable Boho Bedroom Decor With Attractive Color Ideas

Boho bedroom color ideas will give insight that this style doesn’t always need to be the all-neutral thing. The Bohemian decor style that we know and get popular for years commonly features precision and polished look instead of eclectic appeal. And if you are looking for color ideas to complement your boho bedroom, we have a series of tips you can follow.

The first thing you can do is by choosing a bold paint color for the walls. Why? This is because the rest of the room will be neutral. Something deep like peacock blue would make a bold statement for your boho bedroom. When people are afraid of colors in their room, you may embrace it. Meanwhile, if you are not sure then you can paint one side of the wall only.

According to boho bedroom color ideas, choosing the right rug will boost the bohemian vibe. Patterned rugs are the items you need to check out. More patterns on the rug will make a better appeal in the room. However, you need to follow this rule. If you decide with neutral for the entire room, you must go with colors for the rug and vice versa. On the other hand, layering rugs in your bedroom will create a playful vibe in your boho bedroom.

Just like decorating a room with other decor styles, you need to introduce textures in the room. For example, hanging a textile piece on the wall would make a stunning boho statement. Art is pretty personal. Unless you have decided the art piece you will put in the room, it is better to stick with the textile.

You also need to find a statement piece. In a bohemian bedroom, a bed can even become a statement piece. By keeping everything balanced, it will create a cohesive look. For more boho bedroom color ideas, check out these pictures below.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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