39+Gorgeous Farmhouse Fireplace Decor Ideas And Design

Contemporary fireplace design ideas below will make you want to update your fireplace look at home. Besides the functionality, the fireplace also commonly serves as the focal point in the room. When it comes to remodeling a fireplace, you may think that it will cost a fortune. We have some tips you can follow to update the appearance of your fireplace. The good news is that our tips won’t wreck your budget.

The first thing you can do is by giving a touch of paint to your fireplace. If you are so bored with your current fireplace’s look, repainting it would make a huge difference. A contemporary décor style is a good friend of some cool colors such as grays, blues, and whites. Besides painting the brick, you may want to consider whitewashing the brick as well.

According to the contemporary fireplace design ideas, turning your brick to stone is another way you can go. It creates a stunning centerpiece in your living room. On the other hand, it costs inexpensive at all. Some stone solutions are available at a low cost. Do your research before choosing a specific stone solution for your fireplace.

Accessorizing your fireplace will give a different look both in your fireplace and the room. This piece doesn’t always consist of a bare mantle and a firebox. Feel free to install some accessories that define your personality. For example, an oversized mirror over the fireplace will boost the size of the room. Meanwhile, a vase of fresh-cut flowers brings a sense of nature in the room. The good news is that accessories are not a permanent thing.

Don’t be afraid of retouching your fireplace. It could be a minor makeover that gives a major difference in the room. For more contemporary fireplace design ideas, check out the pictures below.

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