41+ Luxurious Black And White Subway Tiles Bathroom Design

Find luxurious black and white bathroom designs for you who love a monochromatic theme. Black and white are one of the timeless colors. These 2 neutral colors are perfect to be applied in any room, including a bathroom. Just by giving a touch of black and white, you can create any look in your bathroom. From minimalist, modern, until elegant look. As a reference, you can try these luxurious black and white subway tiles bathroom designs.

1. Contemporary Black and White
Black ceramic floors and black window frames appear perfectly with white bathroom tiles that dominate the area. Choose white subway tiles for the walls to bring the minimalist contemporary design to your bathroom. This idea will make your bathroom looks clean and trendy at the same time. Interested to apply this luxurious black and white subway tiles bathroom design?

2. Simple Black and White
With appropriate composition of black and white, you can make your bathroom looks attractive and elegant. For example, you can choose white for the dry area and black for the wet area. This way, you can also simply and easily divide and determine the area. Add a frameless large mirror with hidden lighting to bring a dramatic impression in your bathroom.

3. Minimalist Black and White
The use of white for the ceilings and floors combined with black subway tiles walls, is the concept of monochromatic minimalist interior design. Your black and white bathroom looks even more elegant if you install hidden lighting behind a mirror. Add a large glass window as natural light access so that your luxurious black and white subway tiles bathroom design does not look dark and gloomy.

4. Dark Black and White
The next luxurious black and white subway tiles bathroom design is dark black and white. Do not be afraid of dominating your bathroom with black. Black is getting more popular today for interior designs because it can give luxurious and minimalist effects. You can apply white only for the bathtub, sink, toilet, and ceilings to accentuate the monochromatic theme.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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