25+ Simple Wall Shoes Rack Ideas You Can Make Yourshelf

Shoes are one of the most important daily fashion accessories that everyone needs, no matter kids, adults, women, or men. If you are one of the countless people worldwide who have lots of shoes, of course you need a special storage to keep your shoes collection stays in good condition, right? Besides, so many pairs of shoes at home could be very messed up if they are not well-storage. Related to this matter, actually there are the widely selections of shoe racks that available in today’s recent market. However, if you could make it simply by your own, why you need to buy a new one shoes rack out there?

Actually there are so many creative and easy wall shoes rack ideas that provide you a simple way in creating your own shoe storage at home. To make your own wall shoes rack, you could even use household materials that won’t cost you much at all. Dealing with your own homemade shoes rack project could be a really fun project to do in any spare time of yours. As a unique idea to make a simple and useful homemade shoes rack, sometimes what you really need only some PVC pipes, strong plastic glue, some wires or ribbon, saw, and scissor.

When talking about PVC pipe as the main material of your own homemade shoes rack, it doesn’t mean that you should buy a new one in any stores near you. Re-used PVC pipes also could be made into lovely shoes rack on your wall at home. All you need to do is start cutting the PVC pipe into the right adjusted length as you want using saw, combine some of them together with strong plastic glue, and cover the path of dried glue using ribbon which also could be its decoration as well. After that, stick it on the wall, then you can put your shoes inside the PVC pipe holes. Many other unique ideas you could adopt to make your own shoes rack at home, find the right suitable one for you, then start your own homemade shoes rack project!

image source : pinterest.com

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