10 Amazing Contemporary Interior Design 2019

Contemporary decor is a popular interior decoration style of today. It is quite similar to the modern style in some ways that people often mix and match both styles together. The result is nothing but a beautiful living space with a comfortable and inviting vibe all over it. There are limitless features to add to any living space decorated in a contemporary style. An open floor plan is one of the most common features. That helps to enlarge any space visually for a tight space.

On the other hand, it is okay to add the feature of an open view bedroom. This will be better with the bedroom is on the top floor instead of the ground floor. A bedroom with a clear view of the outside will be perfect to rest and relax. A form of glazing will be needed to create a full view of the outside of the bedroom space.

It can be better with the addition of a balcony next to the bedroom. So the bedroom is connected directly to a balcony on the top floor. It needs operable glazing that can easily be opened to reach the balcony. The open view bedroom can be the place to study or work while the balcony is the spot to relax or have fun with friends. That is a clever example of how to maximize a living space especially the one with tight space.

Aside from the bedroom, a wide-open view can be in any interior space. A living room with contemporary decor can be the place with a large window to enjoy the outside. Having an interior space with a wide-open view of the outside is a great idea if the location of the house is in a decent spot. The beautiful surroundings will certainly be the view to watch from the open view area.

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