11+ Gorgeous Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas

Monochromatic decor ideas have become one of the most popular decor styles in decades. However, this color scheme tends to create an uninviting yet cold impression. It doesn’t mean that you can only bring joy and happiness with polychromatic options.

Monochromatic color schemes can show you the more in less. We have several pictures of modern minimalist interiors with a monochromatic color scheme below. It will inspire you when it comes to building a warm atmosphere by going monochrome.

The bathroom could be the best place to start. If you are new to this monochromatic thing, you need to familiarize yourself first. Generally, the bathroom benefits from a monochromatic scheme due to its clean and simple impression. According to experts, going monochrome for the bathroom builds the Zen vibe. It also avoids the busy feel.

Monochromatic decor ideas also force you to think more about texture to avoid the cold impression. Textures also keep the color from being boring and flat. If you ever think about accents for this color scheme, feel free to explore the shades of grey.

Since you remove all colors other than black, white, and shades, you need to pay more attention to details. Details help to infuse personality into a simplified color scheme. So, when you want to incorporate monochrome colors to your bathroom, make sure you pay attention more to fixtures, hardware, lighting, and so on.

On the other hand, you need to add a contrasting tone when decorating a bigger room such as living room, dining area, kitchen, and bedroom. A contrasting tone infuses visual interest in the room. While black could be too intimidating for a bedroom, you can embrace neutrals to soften the scene. Feel free to play with various shades to avoid a flat vibe. And if you are not sure where to start, do check these monochromatic decor ideas below.

The kitchen and dining room are shaped in one place in a cohesive space. The kitchen table and island are organized on precisely the exact same axis line with the inside. From the bathroom, the comparison color layout is dominated the modern inside with black and white tiles.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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