10 Elegant You Fall In Love With This House

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We have several pictures of cozy living space ideas that you can try at home. Decorating a house is supposed to make the room in it feel cozier and homey. Since many people tend to go all minimalist with their houses, how can we give a little warmth inside? Well, it doesn’t require you to work with a professional after all.

Layering the room with various textiles in some spots will help to make the house feels more content. You don’t even need to make a major makeover by introducing textiles to the room. You can swap your old linear blinds with sheer curtains. Feel free to play with patterns and colors that help to warm up the room.

Other than that, rugs are important. A hard surface of the floor indirectly makes the room feel too cold. Putting a rug or two in the room will help to soften the scene. Also, brings some throw pillows in the room. It gives depths and decor the room without spending too much money. You can simply swap the patterns according to the season after all.

The next we have on cozy living space ideas are greeneries. Adding greenery to the room introduces nature to the indoor space. Besides adding color, it gives life even in a square room as well as infusing texture. Utilizing houseplants is a good idea because they don’t require too much maintenance yet easy to take care of.

On the other hand, you can determine whether your room will look elegant and luxurious or cold and uninviting through the lighting. You need to play with the lighting along with the fixtures. Lighting affects ambiance which also influences mood. Mix and match multiple sources of lighting will help you to get a perfect look from cozy living space ideas.

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