14 Stunning Parisian Chic Apartment Decor Ideas

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Various things related to Paris have their own charm, including for room decoration. Parisian-style decoration provides its own uniqueness that can be applied in an apartment room. The Paris style uses a combination of modern and classic styles. For an extensive Parisian apartment, you can combine the use of furniture and decoration to make it look modern by mixing it with vintage style.

The use of natural light is a characteristic of this style. Placing a large window is enough to allow natural light to get in more optimally. To beautify the room, adding a chandelier can be the right choice, as well as for more romantic lighting. The use of white wall colors can reflect light better. The incoming light with more leverage can make the room look bigger.

For floors, the use of hardwood flooring herringbone is often used to complement the more modern Parisian style. To give a warmer impression, using a rug in the room can provide a warm atmosphere. Choose a rug color that has a neutral color or use a brighter color than the wall can make the room look fresher for an extensive Parisian apartment.

Add classic style furniture like cane furniture or Louis chairs. Besides that, adding wood elements to furniture can make a vintage impression on the room. Add a wood with a piece that is intact to give a more vintage impression. Place some classic style furniture and combine it with modern style furniture such as the use of sofas.

Decoration in the room is also important. Providing appropriate decoration can make the room more attractive. The Paris style doesn’t use too much decoration. The Paris style is identical to the use of gold framed mirrors for decorating the room. For additional accessories add minimalist art to make it more interesting. The use of books as accessories is also a characteristic of Parisian style. Extensive Parisian apartments require proper placement.

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