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Bathroom design and decor are as important as any other spot in a living space. Unfortunately, many people do not get that idea. A bathroom is often a somewhat neglected spot. It does not look as good as it should be. At some points, it is not even completely functional. One of many parts in improving the quality of life is to have a well-designed and decorated interior space including the bathroom.

Lighting is a crucial element in the stunning bathroom decor. Proper lighting fixtures will guarantee that the bathroom is bright enough for proper functions of it. Improper lighting in a bathroom will lead to an uninteresting appeal. Moreover, proper lighting will help in altering the visual size of the space in any bathroom. A small bathroom will not feel so small anymore when the lighting is right. Combine proper lighting with a bright color scheme for the best outcome of it.

Functionalities in a bathroom design need the right measurement. All of the fixtures will have to be right in size according to the available size of the bathroom space. A large bathtub will not look nice in a tight bathroom space. It is better to check on the possibility to use the vertical space in the bathroom to make sure that all fixtures are installed inside.

Personal touches are always considered as good additions to any decoration. Whenever possible it is okay to place some personal items in the bathroom. Those who like flowers will want to put a pot of flowers in the bathroom. Those who love antique items may fancy placing an old retro piece inside the bathroom. All of those are important in referring to the idea of stunning bathroom decor. Remember, a beautiful bathroom is always a good starting point of any day.

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